React JS Development

React.js is an opensource of JavaScript library, to represent data such as HTML. Websites like Netflix, Feedly, Airbnb, Walmart and more make use of the React.js opensource.

It is a UI library to make the development of stateful, interactive and reusable UI components. Facebook uses React for the production and Instagram is a complete React product.

For making an application in link with a website, it would be easy if you could take the main features of the website and implement new features according what you want in the app and what not. It will look exactly the same as the website but it will have his own character. Think about the Facebook website and the Facebook app. Both look the same but are not completely the same. The same features like posts, contact search, profile editor etc are the same but for the messenger part you need an other app. This is such an example of being the same but also not. in the app you have a link towards the messages but it will open a different app.

A select amount of specialised developers at Risein Tech, knows every detail of React.js and they know very well how to handle it and how to deliver your application in it.