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As a web development company we are experts in working with open source platforms. PHP Codeigniter, Joomla, Drupal, you name it and our team will know what you’re talking about.

As with all our services, we stand for quality before quantity and thus deliver you the best quality for the most affordable package. Not one project is the same and we also don’t treat it like that. A new client means a unique project, a new project means a unique client.

Every person has his/her own set of thoughts and ideas and we aim to deliver the projects towards those thoughts and ideas.

As mentioned before, there are many open source platforms, which include:

– WordPress: A well known open source tool made with PHP. WordPress you can get online with templates where you just have to adjust the details, this is not what we do. We deliver customised WordPress projects according to the clients requirements. WordPress pro’s:

  • It’s open source structure
    The simplicity to work with it
    Fast Construction
    SEO Friendly
    Convenient Use
  • – Drupal: Next to WordPress, Drupal is also a well known open source developing software which is used by our professionals. It is only used by those who are specialised in it and thus not just anyone can handle it. High quality web development can be achieved with the use of Drupal. Drupal’s pro’s:


Allows rapid prototyping
Security Updates are thorough and timely
Its community s huge which means it has a large support on several websites
Can serve as an API of its own
– Joomla: Being an open web source developing platforms, Joomla is one of the leading platforms to develop websites and applications. Customised Joomla development is done at Risein Technology and our team of experts will deliver always a high quality website. Joomla’s pro’s:

Open-Source thus easy access
E-commerce facilities
Structure and Content Flexibility
PHP Code-igniter: PHP is an open source with the general aim of scripting language that is suited for web development. Code-igniter is a framework of PHP. It is made for developers, to create full featured web applications. Code-igniter has many features which include: framework with a small footprint, clear documentation, compatibility with standard hosting, no restrictive coding rules, exceptional performance, no large-scale monolithic libraries, zero configuration, simple solutions over complexity and no need for template language. Code-igniter’s pro’s:

Modern Separation Concepts
Thorough Documentation
Longevity, Backwards Compatibility and wide support
Pro’s of PHP:

Quick and Easy
Large Community
Works with database, file systems, images, etc
Garbage Collection
Regulare Expression Support
Extensive Database Support
CLI Interpreter
Most popular server side scripting languages
Build cycle is short
It runs on *nix or Windows
Large body of builtin functions
At Risein Technology we can deliver your website in any of those open source web development frameworks, for the best affordable packages. We stand for customised high quality projects. It is not for nothing that we are the best web development company in India who delivers the best affordable web development packages.

Best custom PHP web development, best custom PHP Code-igniter development, best custom Joomla development, best custom Drupal development and best custom WordPress development. We deliver the best quality for the best price.

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