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Joomla!3.6 development

As a Joomla development company we of course keep ourselves up to date with the latest versions. Our team of experts educate and update themselves whenever there is a new version on the market. They learn the new features and perks so that they can keep delivering the best quality website development you can think of.

Joomla’s latest version is the Joomla!3.6 and has a lot of new features and enhancements. To make your site even more customised, the open source web developing tool has made it even better so that your site will be even more customised. The new features include Improved Joomla updaets, UX improvements, sub form fields and menu type ACL. Not enough? The Joomla!3.6 version made it possible to create categories on the fly.


The developer will be able to make your website fully customised as new features also include multi language ToS and a broad contact category list with images.

Our expert designers will now also be able to give you more customised Joomla web development services as the new version has improved the easiness of developing templates and a SASS & SCSS support for the template manager.


We, at Risein Tech, stand for quality before quantity. We want our clients to be satisfied with our work that we deliver. That is also why we have a specialized team for every type of work; also when it comes to Joomla development services. We ensure that we deliver the best of the best and that your customised Joomla website will be up to your satisfaction.

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