Customer Relationship management is an approach to manage company interaction with current and future customers. It is a term that refers to practices, strategies, and technologies that company use to manage and analyze customer interaction. CRM is also used to manage business to business relationship and it allows understanding the customer, attract new customer, increase profitability, win new clients and contracts, retain customer through better customer experience.

CRM connects your entire team from any device and capture customer emails. It extends and customizes as your business grows. It provide companies with the customer data so that they can provide customer product and services as they require and provide better customer service, cross-sell, close deals, and retain current customers. CRM provides various capabilities like marketing automation in which this software automates entire marketing process with capabilities that include campaign and email management, website search engine optimization and form creation. It also provides customer support and service which includes customer portals, time tracking and knowledge management.

It involves interactions with customers and prospects to understand the requirements and to build expectations through different channels of communication. With Rise in Technology CRM, you can collect customer support request from different channels, easily recall best solution to customer problems and identify areas where service can be improved. CRM focus on your enterprise to create a satisfied customer experience that can help your current clients and help you acquire new ones more quickly.