Education app development and promotion

Why our education App?

  • Our exclusive app enables direct admission. It is a user friendly app which has various downloads available which provides step by step info for availing admission in the institute and make and confirm the payment easily.
  • School/college/consultants can monitor and verify admissions undertaken in the respective institutes by the separate admin panel provided by us.
  • We also have various cash back and attractive offers running from time to time for our prospective clients.
  • You can easily look in various scholarships running in various colleges by our simple search system.
  • It is easy to use and navigate and payment can be made easily with just one click.
  • Our App can be technically upgraded. New technologies and features keep on cropping up time and again .Our app is open to any of these changes in near future.

Why promotion?
Creating app is one thing and promoting is another. The success of app lies in its ultimate promotion. You have a beautiful work done but how will the work be recognized if there is no one to look up at. Your work needs to be promoted for the same. We are highly efficient in providing branding materials for the same. We have a dedicated marketing team who is well versed in branding (both online and offline marketing).Offline marketing includes

  • selling forms
  • conducting Seminars/events
  • Promotion via hoardings, posters, putting up a stand in college/school/coaching center premises
  • Advertisements in T.V,radio,newspapers for promotion of app
  • Booksellers are targeted .Ads are published in books they sell.

Online promotion of app is yet another important criterion in success of app. Ads are given on social media like youtube,facebook,twitter depicting the features and uses of using the app. We promote the app via small interesting attractive videos which are capable of drawing the masses to use the app