Manufacturing and Production

CRM for manufacturing is designed to improve the effectiveness of sales, marketing and customer service operation for manufacturing and distribution companies. We help in production of work flows, Bills of materials, production planning, production costing, job costing, external manufacturing, production scheduling, manufacturing resource planning etc. Any of the company with manufacturing operation is continue for the way to improve efficiency and profitability. Manufacturing is the process that involves making something that makes use of raw material as input and production may or may not involve raw material.

Some of the common manufacturing productions are make to stock, make to order, and make to assemble. Risein Technology helps in maximizing profitability by better management of your customer and product life cycle. We implement a field service solution that helps us to get the right people and resources scheduled. It helps in reducing risk by managing compliance requirements like safety and environment. We help in tracking and management of field work orders, schedule and dispatch service resources, track customer assets, channel management and distributor portal. Risein Technology provides a manufacturing MRP and CRM solution that help in flexibility and change in mind, with best excellence at its core and help in providing an innovation with market leader.