New Way to Marketing with Digital Marketing Company in India

Being a Digital Marketing Company we obviously are also an Internet Marketing Company and offer Digital Marketing Services as well.
Internet Marketing is simple like the word says it, it is marketing/selling a brand on the internet. Everything that comes online stays online and is always traceable, that is why that it is important to have a strong presence on the internet. These days everyone relies on what is written on the internet. News, radio, social networking, job search, house search, shopping, etc. If a company has a bad name online then most likely people wont want to be related to it. Your brand’s online reputation is more important, than what local people say.

Want to go to a restaurant? You search some on the internet and what you do? You check the reviews, even if there are 100 positive reviews but 2 bad ones, you’ll not choose that restaurant. Reputation is everything.
At Risein Technology we strive towards a positive online reputation and will do whatever we can to make your brand good on the internet.
Some features that can be done during Internet marketing. To have it called under one name, Digital Marketing, PPC-management, Social Media Marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and Email Marketing, are the main features of internet marketing.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is quite the same as Internet marketing. As Internet is digital and if you want to do digital marketing you need to internet to let your brand reach the audience. During Digital Marketing we help to improve the name of your brand, let you get more traffic on your website, let people know about your brand, etc. This happens through various media, which will be explained below.
PPC is the abbreviation of “Pay Per Click”. What does it mean? You want to have your website on the top of the search engine. This happens through bidding your website for advertisement. You most likely have seen it many times, the websites on top of the page have the word “ad”, this means that they are having PPC-Management.
If you do the same, buying an advertising placement on the search engine, your website will also be a featured site, an advertisement. Whenever someone is searching on the search engine and your site shows up, and the person clicks on the link of your website, for that click you have to pay. As it says “Pay Per Click”.

Social Media speech bubble on white background.

Social Media speech bubble on white background.

Social Media Marketing
This term is known by everyone. These days everyone has at least 1 social media account. Let it be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. On all those social media, you can get your brand advertised. Social media is THE place to advertise your brand because it is easy accessible for everyone and thus your brand will reach more people from different ages, gender and cultures. Your brand can become global if the Social Media Marketing is done correctly.
SEM is yet again an abbreviation and it fully stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM has various features eg. Social Media Strategy, SEO, Brand Building, B2B and B2C Marketing, RSS, Google Map Creation, etc. All these features we offer at Risein Technology through paid and unpaid efforts. We will make sure that your website will get more traffic and that you will enjoy the growth in your business.

Email Marketing
The word says itself, it is marketing through email. Different services are there within email marketing: technical support, unlimited groups, integration with SMS, bulk emails, email templates, etc.
The email addresses that are used for sending the marketing to are either provided by the client or they are generated through our lead generation team.

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