PhoneGap Development

PhoneGap is an application development framework created by Nitobi. Adobe purchased Nitobi and renamed it as PhoneGap. Now there is an open source version of the software called Apache Cordova.

PhoneGap makes it possible to develop an application for each platform. iPhone, Android, Windows and others are perfectly arrangeable. PhoneGab uses standard web technologies to link applications with mobile devices.

The framework’s code was served to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) with the name Apache Cordova. PhoneGap is and will always be a free open source framework with the license of Apache, Version 2.0.

It is a very popular framework which is used by thousands developers. Also our team is one of those developers. Our team consists out of expert in the use of PhoneGap and will make your mobile application quality full and up to your expectations, in no time. They have made many application through this framework and thus will be surely able to make your application dream come true.